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If you do not include the colors you want then I will send red.

Colors in stock: RED / SILVER / WHITE

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  • DoriDore &On Fleek Meet 2017 // Photo Coverage.

    Motorland Mikawa used to be the go to spot, but for 2017 the organizers of Dori Dore (Drift & Dressup) & On Fleek worked together to take their events to another level and that required the change of venue. Motorland is no more, enter Suzuka Twin Circuit at Suzuka City. DoriDore crew brought out dozens […]

  • USDM Done Right // Norifumi Kobayashi Honda Accord Tourer.

    The JDM is always USDM’er on other side of the ocean.  Okay so maybe that isn’t quite the expression, but hear me out. First, I have to offer a quick history lesson.  Over a decade ago, in the post-millennium North American Japanese import community, a trend exploded.  Immediately following Y2K our computers miraculously still worked […]

  • Panda Junction 2017 // Quick Recap.

    We haven’t covered this event in a couple years, but Panda Junction marks the beginning to car season for the east coast! As usual, the event was held at Ripken Stadium. It’s a nice and secluded venue right off of I-95 in Aberdeen, MD. The amount of spectators that attended has definitely grown since the […]

  • Tuning World Bodensee 2017 // Quick Recap.

    Ever since Tuning World Bodensee has started in 2003, it has become a highlight for many in Germany and Europe. With manufacturers and tuners showing off their newest gear and private exhibitors displaying their cars, there’s a bit to see and do for everyone. From rather oddly styled cars with lambo doors and airbrush all […]

  • #LIFEONAIR // Max Edward’s ’78 Beetle on Air Suspension.

    Max Edwards has built a rather special Beetle, taking inspiration from the land of motorsport, while somehow keeping it true to its classic Beetle heritage. These are two very different styles, but they complement each other very well! The idea first came to Max in February of 2011, and it had him searching high and low for […]