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  • StanceNation Japan G Edition Osaka 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

    So you’ve seen the first part of SNJP Osaka coverage, right? Today we’re sharing even more photos but this time from the view point of Mark Kawaguchi! As mentioned in the previous article, Osaka being a 2 day event and being as huge as it is, it’s always nice to have as many photographers perspective […]

  • StanceNation Japan G Edition Osaka 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

    Our StanceNation Osaka event has been in the works for years so to finally make it happen feels amazing. For those not familiar with our Japan events, we do 2 events per year. One being in Nagasaki (typically in the beginning of the year) and one is Tokyo (towards the end of the year). That […]

  • Gatebil Festival 2017 // Photo Coverage.

    Most of you are probably in-the-know by now, but Gatebil is a truly one of a kind ‘car festival’ that’s located in the two Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Norway. I’ve been covering these Gatebil events for a few years now and every time I visit one of them I am taken by surprise by the […]

  • Complete Festa 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

    As many of you might know, VIP style comes in many varieties. Doesn’t it seem though that all you see on the internet now a days are VIP cars sporting massive fender radius, a whole bunch of negative camber and super aggressive aero kits? This wasn’t always the case and lots of older VIP enthusiasts […]

  • Complete Festa 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

    We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to covering VIP & VIP Style events. While this particular event (Complete Festa) isn’t very strict on cars being only VIP & VIP styled, majority of cars that come out are indeed big sedans. This is Complete Festa’s 3rd annual […]